Apr 25, 2012

Play Secrets of the Seas: Flying Dutchman Collector's Edition Adventure game

Answer a call to adventure! Tortuga, capital of the pirates is full of fear and despair - Flying Dutchman is on traverse! It's well known captain already killed thousands of sailors, including pirates, following his mystical needs. He is finding and stealing souls of the damned, and made new crew members of Flying Dutchman from them. 
When you came home after a years of expedition all around the world you found out that your house is sold and all your family stuff is on auction for debts. You will find out that your old man is died after the pirate attack and that wasn't usual pirates but the crew of Flying Dutchman - undead angry spirits. They captured your brother and took him with them to the ship. Will you be able to save your brother from under the curse of Flying Dutchman?
Will you be able to complete the ultimate adventure of Secrets of the Seas: Flying Dutchman Collector's Edition game and save your family member from the eternal slavery? Only you know the answer. Scour the seas for clues, looking for a way to break the curse of the Flying Dutchman!
Spirits of the Dutchman's crew and victims will be all around you, first will try to scare you or to kill you, second - to help you to break the curse. But the most powerful and dangerous among them - Dutchman's captain, and he isn't friendly.

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